Sunday, December 12, 2010

anchors & apron strings

last night I had another one of the dreams where I'm on stage in a fully realized band performing. I've had these so many times before and dreamed entire songs, set lists, members, stage and gear set ups, look and sound and vibe of the band. usually the people I tell about these dreams laugh and shake their head in disbelief.

anyway last night's group was called the Black River Witches and it was an amped up rootsy rock group. the faces of the members weren't as clear this time but we were in the throes of a raging twang and crunch of a number called "Anchors & Apron Strings" that was very epic and heartfelt. Obviously it was about things that hold you back, hold you down, and in the end - escape by any means necessary. I vaguely recall the melody but not so much the lyrics. I remember the feeling in my soul though as we performed it. it was pretty triumphant.


  1. clearly, you dreamed this because you are supposed to move to kansas city with us and start a fabulous band with ryan.

    or something.

  2. I've had similar dreams but typically I'm a fully realized puppeteer.