Tuesday, June 28, 2011

"Hold Fast, Young Man."

halfway to eighty, or four tens. two twenties? anyway I look at it, it's hard to believe.

mom was having a hard time believing it too. yesterday Poppy wanted to make some plans. with my birthday coming up soon I had been wanting to do a sort of 40 year laundry list and I woke up thinking about it.

unfortunately I must say I have failed at almost everything I have been striving for by the time I hit 40. I'm not going to make a list after all.

but I am very glad to be alive! and at least I can make Poppy laugh sometimes. that is the most important thing I do have. it feels like a miracle finally that failing at love isn't on my list for once. I hope Lena and Owen always think I'm fun too.

and for my birthday there is really only one thing I want. that I let myself want. because want is a dangerous thing. the only thing I want, and have ever wanted, is to make music to share with world. that everybody can enjoy and have a good time with.

from the moment I hit the first chord with Josh and Ryan, it's the only time my soul feels free and right.

I sure had a lot more to say about all this, but it sure is hard!

I hope I am able to do some good works for people in my 40th year and beyond.

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  1. well, that made me tear up a little, i'm not gonna lie.

    we sure do love you. and poppy. and josh. and mothertruckershaker.