Friday, July 15, 2011

the card cheat

this week I started looking for leads to jobs. there are several gas drilling companies in the area hiring general laborers since the Marcellus Shale boom is in full swing here. they don't go into many specifics on the phone part of the process. I'm sure it pays decent. it's not something I'm too excited to do but my lack of skillset limits my possibilities. which is why I looked into some education programs at the local community college and also one of those 'career training' schools. I don't know. I will probably just pick whatever and do it.

I did get dad fixed up with a new bathroom sink this week. it's much taller so he doesn't have to bend over so far in the morning times just to shave or splash his face. it's not as wide either so he has a bit more room too. he seemed pleased and then talked about how hot the weather has been like he always does.

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