Sunday, March 13, 2011

four twelves

there is nothing like the wind in your hair. like the wind made by the velocity of monstrous walloping volume as I stand in front of my vintage Marshall amplifier. it is a force of rocknroll. it took me years to actually "get it." and to get it...I had NEVER owned a Marshall until I got this about 3 years ago. it changed my life. I can feel the force of tone and volume and electricity as it travels from my hands and guitar to the head and speakers. I swear I can feel the sound bouncing off the closed-back cabinet and throttle through the front and beat against my pant legs. it's a force that could seriously knock people over that have never experienced being in a gig room with one close to dimed out. I want to drive a billion miles an hour with it strapped to the back of a wooly mammoth horse in a torrential thunder and lightning downpour to the foot of an imposing snowcapped mountain and plug it in to a crack in the earth and strum windmill power chords until the mountain shakes down.

it's totally awesome is basically what I'm tryin to say.

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