Tuesday, October 5, 2010

the fine art of dreaming, part eleven

I hiked for endless miles following these abandoned railroad tracks across a beautiful sun drenched Scandanavian (?) countryside surrounded by peaks and valleys and spring-like blossoming life. the landscape rolled on and on but finally I came across what I was searching for...a lake that was home to a rare fish that would jump out of the water and flop itself across the grass, leaping up to eat the berries fruiting from this tiny rare bush found only in this one spot then flopping itself back to the waters. thrilled at the prospect of my discovery, I crested a hillside only to find hundreds and hundreds of people sunning themselves and enjoying a leisurely time, as a small parade of fish made their way to the bush situated in the middle of everyone's delightful time. no one paid any attention to this wonder of nature, nor paid notice or care of my discovery.

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